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The Freak Show in Short

Number of roles 45 ½
Price €350. We have two Larpfund tickets at half price. If you are cast we expect payment within 30 days via bank transfer or Paypal.
Location An abandoned amusement park in Vaasa, Finland. We are organising an optional bus from Helsinki.
Game dates 15–18 September, 2017. Friday 20:00–Monday 10:00. No re-runs.
Application The application is now closed
Casting We will finish casting by April 3

The Freak Show is a one-off Nordic style larp that tells the story of the last days of a circus and freak show. It will be held in an abandoned amusement park in Finland in the autumn of 2017. The participants will experience both the magic and the tragedy of being the other as one of the freaks aligned against a hostile world. The theme of this collaborative work is otherness. We aim for full 360 degree immersion in a romantic gothic horror story setting. This event is not suitable for children.